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About us

At Originalsports, we’re dedicated to making high-quality sports equipment accessible to everyone with just a few clicks. Our passion for sports is what drives us to offer a diverse range of products that cater to every athletes needs, whether you are a professional or an amateur sport enthusiast.

As seasoned veterans of the online sales industry with years of experience, we fully recognize the legitimate worries of our customers when it comes to counterfeit goods while purchasing sports equipment online. To address this issue, we have established direct relationships with manufacturers and eliminated middlemen. Situated in the heart of India’s vibrant sports industry, Originalsports benefits from its location in Meerut, a city renowned for its role as a major hub of sports manufacturing and innovation. We have direct access to manufacturers, which allows us to source goods without the risk of counterfeiting. Our proximity and accessibility to the manufacturers enable us to fulfill orders quickly and at the lowest possible prices.

We are proud to offer our customer’s top-of-the-line sports equipment from leading brands at affordable prices. We invite you to shop with us and discover for yourself the unparalleled convenience, quality, and affordability that Originalsports has to offer.