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Omtex Elite Plastic Sidearm Pro Ball Thrower, Men’s Standard (Pink)


  • Designed to enhance one-on-one batting coaching sessions
  • For use with real senior size cricket balls
  • Also suitable for fielding or catching drills
  • Used at the international coaching level
  • Designed to help cricketers become better batsmen; material: plastic; in-box contents: 1 sidearm pro ball thrower

To use your Sidearm Pro safely please make sure you follow the safety guidelines: Always wear a good quality cricket helmet, pads, gloves, thigh and chest guards and abdo guard (cup/box) when facing the Sidearm. Always throw from the full length of the popping crease. Always throw a number practice balls first with no batsman to find the right area. Only throw towards a well-protected batsman once you are fully confident that you can do so without causing them injury.


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