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RSL Tourney No. 5 Badminton Feather Shuttlecock (Pack of 12)


When youre looking forward to a challenging game of badminton, you not only need to have the right racquet, but the perfect shuttlecock as well. The RSL Tourney No. 5 shuttlecock is made by the RSL brand, which is renowned for its high quality shuttlecocks that have both speed and precision due to their superior design.Durable design: The shuttlecock is made using premium quality goose feathers. This allows for it to be more durable and also for the flight of the shuttlecock to be stable in air. The speed of the shuttlecock is also made more precise through the optimum design that takes into account the dimensions and weight of the cock. It is ideal for indoor use.Precision in Speed: The RSL Tourney No. 5 shuttlecock allows for a speed of 76, which is medium slow and is ideal for play at locations that are hotter than other areas. The design takes into account the rotational speed of the shuttlecock so as to promote stability and precision for powerful and uninterrupted gameplay. Premium quality goose feathers used in a special design Designed for long lasting use Created for a stable flight Allows for precision in speed

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