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Moonwalkr Thigh Guard 2.0 Large White


Maximum Coverage, Minimum Hazard The all-new moonwalkr thigh guards have an integrated dual guard design to ensure adequate protection for your outer and inner thigh regions. This means more coverage and fewer problems! With this advanced body gear, your mobility will be maximized thanks to the intricately designed and articulating hip protector. The hinged design allows for a snug, flexible fit regardless of thigh size and provides unhindered stability while running. In Competition With…Only Itself When professional cricketers from all over the world love your products, what’s your next move? Making them better! These futuristic thigh guards are made from advanced ballistic proof, lightweight composite materials, and constructed using 3D molding techniques. We ensure these thigh guards offer superior protection while being lighter and slimmer than all others. Feel the moonwalkr difference as you zip across the pitch in record time. Style Upgraded with Science The new design achieves lightness and strength, so no ball gets through and no weight holds you back. And that’s not all! The special Terry fabric inside the guards allows better cushioning, sweat absorption and anti-slip. And of course, the soft and comfortable dual-colored straps let you stay comfy and super trendy!

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 6 cm



L, M, S




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